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Dr. Iravatham's Clinical Laboratory

102 Mahavir House, above IDBI bank Basheerbagh,Hyderabad

Contact: 9246167774

Location: Basheer Bagh

Availability: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM,

We would like to introduce ourselves as an NABL accredited laboratory, established in the year 1936. We provide one stop solutions for Microbiology and TB diagnostics and our other specialties includes Bio-Chemistry, Pathology, Immunology, Allergy tests.
Our institution is referred by most of the corporate hospitals, leading Pulmonologists, Infertility Clinics, General Physicians.
Below we are giving you brief description of our specialties and methods.

TB diagnostics -  We have Gene X-pert systems for detection of pulmonary & extra pulmonary cases with drug sensitivity - Rifampcin. This is a highly advanced diagnostic system approved by WHO. Results in 24 hours.

LIPA - Line Probe Assay to detect both INH & Rifampcin resistance. Results in 72 hours.

All types of samples are processed - Sputum, Body fluids, Biopsy tissues, Endometrium tissues, Bone tissue, Lymph nodes, Menstrual Blood & others.

Acid Fast Bacilli smears both in ZN stain and Florescence methods available.

Culture & Sensitivity First Line & Second Line drugs.

Detection & Species identification Non tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)     

Microbiology Department

Advance Vitek 2 systems for bacterial species identification antibiogram with MIC breakpoints.

Our advance facility helps in identification of clinically relevant microbes.

Rapid turnover time - saving less than 24 hours manual methods. Empowering your clinical decisions. 

Immunology Department

Combination of Allergy screening for India specific allergens now in single test.

Combination of Food & Respiratory panels.

Food Panel 20 Parameters

Respiratory Panel - 20 parameter.

Advanced German technology - WHO approved.

All above test are serum based



Bone Marrow StudyCytology
TB diagnosticsImmunology
PathologyLIPA - Line Probe Assay
Advance Vitek 2 systemsAdvanced German technology - WHO approved
NABL accredited laboratory