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Dr.Mahendra Gangurde is a Consultant Ophthalmologist with a special interest in the Superspeciality of Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Surgery, which includes disorders of eyelid, lacrimal system, socket and orbit. After accomplishing his MBBS in the prestigious B. J. Medical College, Pune he pursued post graduation in the field of Ophthalmology from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune. He earned his Superspeciality training from TV Patel Eye Institute, Vadodara in the department of Ophthalmic Plastics, Facial Aesthetics and Ocular Oncology. His unmatched and sharp clinical acumen is developed from a decade of ophthalmology experience. Dr. Mahendra Gangurde has also been a leading participant in the clinical research community actively participating in many research projects. He has many publications and ongoing projects to his credit and has presented his work at state and national conferences.


Dr.Mahendra Gangurde has served as a clinical and strategic consultant to many hospitals in India including Shree Narayan Netralaya Gujrat, Rotary Eye Hospital Dondaicha, H. V. Desai Eye Hospital Pune, and Rotary Eye Hospital Malegaon. He has served people of Nashik as consultant ophthalmologist at Tulsi Eye Hospital and MVPS Dr V.P. Medical College.


Dr.Mahendra Gangurde is one of the few Oculoplastic Surgeon in india and has a vast surgical experience (both cosmetic and corrective) whose services are sought not only in Nashik but all over Maharashtra and other parts of country. He is a compassionate, hardworking individual who loves his profession and strives to provide exceptional optometric care to his patients.


Dr.Mahendra Gangurde envisions the sphere of ophthalmic treatment and solutions with a different perspective. Recognized as one of the most competent, experienced and skilled ophthalmic surgeon, mainly for his prowess in Oculoplasty surgery, he behooves the spectrum perfectly. He believes in listening to his patients, so he can best address their needs. Advanced and sophisticated technology can be worthy and efficacious at the hands of a competent and skilled surgeon. Dr.Mahendra Gangurde has an acclaimed reputation in the field of eye care, and is revered for his insights and cognizance in the domain. His compassion is manifest in his intents to restore eyesight and vision, giving quality treatment to his patients; his passion is reflected in his approach and expertise in performing surgeries. His acumen in vision correction is ingrained, and inveterate in examining and diagnosing and further analyzing the problems and disorders. According to him, eyesight and vision adds to joy and happiness in one’s life and is vital in beholding the world and life.


Dr. Mahendra Gangurde practice philosophy is based on personalized care, whereby his recommendations for his patients reflect each of their special needs and wants. He is proud to offer state of the art eye examinations and employs proactive strategies to ensure the ongoing health and vision of his patients. Undoubtedly, a patient is in safe hands when one is being treated by Dr. Mahendra Gangurde. He dispels and gets rid of all fear and reluctance, and infuses confidence in the patients, which he feels, is of paramount importance before the process of treatment actually begins. He intrinsically feels that patients comfort and confidence helps monumentally in the process. People from all strata, age group and class get equal treatment unto satisfaction, which he does without any sense of discrimination or disparity. He has diverse solutions for patients with diverse problems and disorders and offers solutions as per case and stage, accordingly. He is sensitive towards the cause and problems of the patients and treats them humanely. His technique and methods of treatment have gained sublime accolades and milestones; he strives diligently to provide high quality treatment, ensuring utmost eye care to patients.


At present he is a practicing Oculoplasty Surgeon dealing with various disorders of the lids, lacrimal system, socket and orbit. He also deals with numerous reconstructive and aesthetic problems related to the eyes and the face. His areas of interest include Socket, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgeries.


He is also a life member of the


•           Indian Medical Association.

•           National Academy of Medical Sciences.

•           All India Ophthalmological Society.

•           Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society.

•           Bombay Ophthalmologists Association.

•           Delhi Ophthalmological Society.

•           Poona Ophthalmological Society.

•           Nashik Ophthalmological Society.

•           Oculoplastics Association of India.   


Visiting Oculoplasty Consultant


•           Shree Narayan Netralaya, Gujrat.

•           Rotary Eye Hospital, Malegaon.

•           Rotary Eye Hospital, Dondaicha. 




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